Pharmacy profession is a noble profession engaged in activities pertaining to drugs and pharmaceuticals. It has responsibilities in the following areas

Promotion of health;

  • Supply of medicines, medical
  • devices, patient self-care;
  • Improving prescribing and medicine use by pharmacists’ activities.

Due to several Socio economic causes in developing countries the pharmacy practice and related services have not


developed like in other developed world. This leaves lacunae in community pharmacy, which makes unsatisfactory services. This has been realized even by global agencies like WHO, FIP and Governments of developing nations. The FIP has prepared the documents like,

  1. Guidelines for Pharmacy Practice
  2. Good Pharmacy Practice in Developing Countries

Recommendations for step-wise implementation with an intention to establish and improve the standard pharmacy practice in developing


countries. To fulfill the aspirations of the subjects from developing nations the need for organized efforts to be put for with the Association of community pharmacists comes into existence.

Association of Community Pharmacists of India Executive Body and Units


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